photos by Mimi Hong

Somos / Petal

Boston's Somos released their great new album First Day Back recently via Hopeless, and then brought their tour with Petal and The Superweaks to NYC's Studio at Webster Hall on Saturday (3/5). The new album is a pretty massive departure from their earlier stuff, and their best work yet. It has the band working with prettier, more atmospheric sounds and subtly technical musicianship, which was all on display at the Webster show. The fans went crazier for the old songs (which sounded less different than the new material in a live setting than on record), but maybe the new record just needs some time because those were the moments the band truly shined. The new stuff doesn't sound "punk" in any way, like their old songs did, but the band still clearly have that mentality. They were super tight, sounded huge, and they know the importance of having a good drummer. They also know the importance of not being statues on stage or anything, and it was clear that the fist-raised crowd was loving every second of it.

Right before them was Petal, whose 2015 debut Shame is really solid and who sounded great on Saturday night. Main member Kiley Lotz has a revolving lineup, which included Tigers Jaw singer Ben Walsh this time, though she's clearly the star of the show. A lot of moments are just her playing and guitar and singing, and they're as memorable as the rockin' stuff like set-closer "Sooner." Right before them was The Superweaks, with a triple guitar attack that's kind of a mix of Weezer and Thin Lizzy. And before that was local opener Adult Mom, who make bare-bones indie rock with hints of The Moldy Peaches.

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Adult Mom

The Superweaks