This weekend brought the very sad and shocking news that Somos guitarist Phil Haggerty passed away at age 28 ahead of the band's plans to release their third album on Tiny Engines this fall. Due to the unexpected events, the band have now given an early release to their new album, Prison On A Hill, for just this week, and all proceeds will go to Phil's family for funeral expenses. The album was recorded with former Defeater member Jay Maas, and you can download it $5 or more at Bandcamp. One song, "Dreamless," is streaming below. The album's great and clearly sees Somos covering some new ground, and this is a chance to hear some good music and donate to a good cause in the process.

"[Phil] poured his heart and soul into this record, and was so proud of what we made together. Give it a spin for Phil," the band wrote. Tiny Engines added, "This record is great and I know Phil was so proud of it. I think people will love it and I wish he could see the joy I know it will bring to so many. Pick it up if you can."

The album officially comes out October 11 via Tiny Engines.

1. The Granite Face 03:28
2. Farewell To Exile 04:23
3. Untraceable Past 02:58
4. Iron Heel 04:11
5. Mediterranean 04:00
6. Absent and Lost 03:37
7. Ammunition 02:43
8. Young Believers 04:28
9. Temporary Hope 03:18
10. My Way To You 05:27
11. New Blood 03:47
12. Dreamless 04:05

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