Ryan Lott, Rafiq Bhatia, and Ian Chang and have announced the third and final part of Son Lux's Tomorrows series which will be out April 16 via City Slang.

Throughout the three records, Son Lux have been looking to ways of moving beyond the traditional album rollout, making room for both more traditional songs and experimental, atmospheric forms. With music in early stages, they plotted out the three Tomorrows before starting the recording process to explore ideas of "imbalance, disruption, collision, and redefinition."

All three Tomorrows have feature interesting collaborations, and III features contributions from Kadhja Bonet, Holland Andrews and Kiah Victoria, and the first single is "A Different Kind Of Love," which the kind of dramatic, emotional high-wire act Son Lux excel at. “I’ve used various things as surrogates for the work of love," Ryan tells us. "Religious or political associations, slogans and sentiments—these are all easy counterfeits. This type of 'love' harms more than it helps. It offers a false reprieve from my complicity in the suffering of others, and keeps me distant from the world and its problems. I need a different kind of love.”

You can watch the video, and check out album artwork and tracklist and listen to the first two Tomorrows, below.

Tomorrows III
A Different Kind of Love
Plans We Make [feat. Kadhja Bonet]
Come Recover
Sever [feat. Holland Andrews]
The Hour
Vacancy [feat. Kiah Victoria]

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