Philly screamo/post-hardcore band Sonagi (whose vocalist Ryan Slausson also fronts Closer) have shared the second song off their upcoming debut album Precedent (due 7/22 via Get Better Records) and also announced a tour. The song is called "Attachment Theory," and like the lead single, it's an intense, passionate dose of screamo fury, and another very promising taste of the album.

"The song was actually started by our bassist when he was 16," the band says. "One day at practice he asked if we could try out an old earworm of his that never turned into anything. By the end of that practice, we had a complete song with very few changes to the initial melodies and overall structure."

The band's upcoming tour includes a run with Indisposed (who joined Sonagi on a 4-way split in 2020), a run with Botfly, and a run with Hawak (who released one of last year's best screamo albums with nước). The tour surrounds all of those bands' appearances at New Friends Fest.

The run with Hawak hits NYC on August 6 at Trans-Pecos, and that show is also with Hundreds of AU, Burial Dance, and Ennui. All dates are listed on the poster below.

Sooner than that, Hundreds of AU are also opening one of Thursday's Full Collapse shows in Jersey City. (And worth noting that Hundreds of AU's Tom Schlatter provided the iconic guest vocals on Full Collapse's "Cross Out the Eyes" and "Autobiography of a Nation.")


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