Former Spacemen 3 cofounder Pete Kember released All Things Being Equal, his first record as Sonic Boom in three decades, last year. He has since reworked many of the album's tracks, and added a couple that were previously only available in Japan, for a new album, Almost Nothing is Nearly Enough, which will be out April 23 via Carpark.

To get a taste, Sonic has shared the remix of "On a Summer's Day," which brings up the pulsing organ, giving the song more of a lift than the gently falling feel of the original. You can watch the track's surreal and very cool animated video, directed by Lucas Moreria, below.

1. Just Imagine (Remix)
2. On a Summer's Day (Remix)
3. Tick Tock (Remix)
4. Things Like This (A Little Bit Deeper) [Remix]
5. I Can See Light Bend (Remix)
6. Tawkin Tekno (Remix)
7. Almost Nothing Is Nearly Enough (Remix)
8. Make It About (The Way That You Live) [Remix]