Sonic Youth recently revealed that in celebration of their classic Daydream Nation's 30th anniversary, there'd be film screenings and a conversation in Portland, plus more cities TBA. More cities have since been revealed, including LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, Philly, and Brooklyn. They also added a second Portland screening after selling out the first.

The Brooklyn event goes down November 19 at Alamo Drafthouse with screenings of Lance Bangs' new Daydream Nation film and Charles Atlas' 1989 film Put Blood In The Music, which focuses on the 1980s NYC downtown music scene. Lance Bangs will be there for a Q&A, along with Sonic Youth members Lee Ranaldo and Steve Shelley, plus photographer Michael Lavine. Tickets are on sale.

The Austin event happens November 12 at Alamo Drafthouse with a screening of Lance Bangs' new film, plus in-person appearances by Lance and Matador Records co-founder Gerard Cosloy (tickets).

The Philly event happens at PhilaMOCA on November 18 with a screening of Lance Bangs' new film, and appearances by Lance and Steve Shelley (tickets).

The San Francisco event happens at Alamo Drafthouse on October 24 with the Daydream Nation film, Put Blood In The Music, and a conversation from Steve Shelley, Lance Bangs, SY archivist Aaron Mullan, and WFMU/'s Brian Turner (tickets).

The LA event happens October 23 at The Regent with the Daydream Nation film, Put Blood In The Music, and a conversation from Kim Gordon, Steve Shelley, Lance Bangs, and Aaron Mullan (tickets).

The Seattle screening happens October 22 but theater and other info is still TBA. Update: there's two Seattle screenings, 6:30 and 9 PM, at Grand Illusion Cinema, with screenings of the Daydream Nation film, On Rust, and Put Blood In The Music. Lance Bangs, Steve Shelley, and Aaron Mullan will be in attendance (tickets).

UPDATE: Sonic Youth are also in the process of releasing restored Daydream Nation era videos, and first up is "Teen Age Riot." Update (10/17): "Silver Rocket" is out now too. Update (10/18): and "Candle" now too. Watch all three, along with the teaser video for the LA film event, below:

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