Clothing lines inspired by punk, metal and indie rock are becoming more commonplace (hello, Supreme) and athletic company Satisfy has just announced a new line of running-wear inspired by Sonic Youth:

Sonic Youth formed in NYC in response to a dying rock n' roll scene, throwing all convention out the window to revive the raw and gritty spirit they believed was needed after an era of polished, synthesizer‑driven New Wave. They used unorthodox guitar tuning and plugged power drills into amplifiers to integrate industrial noise and dissonance into a familiar melodically‑driven template, creating a sound that would make them one of the most influential indie rock bands to ever do it.

Motivated by the same principles, we strive to alter the perception of running through a kaleidoscope of innovative product design, a romantic take on performance, and a strong community of like‑minded individuals. For this project, we have partnered with progressive vintage lifestyle concept Unified Goods to create a fully immersive experience.

Like a lot of these limited edition "drops," Satisfy's Sonic Youth line is not cheap, with running shorts ($178), a Goo-inspired racing singlet ($119), a "moth-eaten muscle tee" ($119), caps, socks and more. You can also buy old issues of Melody Maker and NME with Sonic Youth on the cover, cassettes, 7" singles, a guitar scratchplate autographed by Thurston Moore, vintage press photos and more.

Interestingly, the model for the promotional campaign for this line is Walter Schreifels and photos were taken by Ben Rayner.

Check out Satisfy's full Sonic Youth line here.

Speaking of Walter, Quicksand's new album Distant Populations will be out in August and you can pick up 2017's Interiors on vinyl in the BrooklynVegan shop.

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