Sonido De La Frontera is the trio of Karlos Paez, Luke Henshaw, and DJ Unite, and they pull influence from Soundsystem culture, hip hop, and cumbia. They're based in San Diego, and they're signed to Luke Henshaw's Planet B/Satanic Planet bandmate Justin Pearson's Three One G label, and their music is rooted in their hometown's music scene as much as it's inspired by living on the border of Tijuana, Mexico.

"The Sound System is at the heart of many genres of modern music," says DJ Unite. "People gather to hear their favorite music over massive speakers, and dance for hours on end. At the center of these events is the DJ, raising the energy of their crowd by selecting the right tune at the right time. In Mexico, these DJs are hailed as Sonideros."

Their new album Sonidero Guerrillero arrives September 24 via Three One G (pre-order), and we're premiering the black-and-white video for lead single "Somos Sonideros," directed by Luke Henshaw, filmed by Becky DiGiglio, and edited by Displaced/Replaced. It's cumbia with a modern twist, and it's awesome. Check it out below.

Sonido de la Frontera

Cumbia De La Frontera
Si Quieres Mas (Ft El Chevy)
Sonidero Guerrillero
Cumbia Pacífica Del Mar
La Lucha Continua
Somos Sonideros
Libre Como El Viento
El Callo De Jose
Prisionero Yo No Soy

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