Sonny Smith's new album, Rod for Your Love, is out March 2 via Dan Auerbach's Easy Eye Sound and he's just shared "Burnin' Up," which features Angel Olsen. Angel features in the song's video as well, and she talks about that and the song:

Dear people of the internet,

I’ve been a fan of Sonny’s for a long time now. I was pretty busy traveling when we talked about me being in the vid for the song I sang on, but what can I say? I like the guy. And I don’t mean to be an ass or anything but I don’t want to be in all the videos of the songs I sing on. It’s not always my place.

Maybe it’s still not.

I came home from a trip to Mexico and the director, Ryan Daniel Browne had been writing me and so we planned for him to come to my apartment, explaining it wouldn’t take much of my time to shoot something for ‘Burnin Up’.

Later I realized Ryan not only was a friend and sometimes bandmate of Sonny’s but he had also shot a video I really liked for the band Big Search, and to tell you the truth I liked it so much I went to see the singer play in LA at some warehouse when we were recording my last record.

After putting all this together I trusted him, and what I mean by that is that I trusted his aesthetic. I knew he’d find a way to create something with our images that could be simple and real, and I also knew he had Sonny’s best interest in mind. I’m always so relieved to realize that the director and the songwriter are old pals. As it should be.

Watch the video below.

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