Sonny Smith, of Sonny & The Sunsets, will release his new solo album, Rod for Your Love, on March 2. It's out via Easy Eye Sound, the new label started by Black Keys' Dan Auerbach (who also just signed Shannon & The Clams). Auerbach produced the record at his Nashville studio and it finds Smith back in more folk/rock territory, after a couple albums that flirted with skronky new wave. "I think a lot of albums are made in reaction to the one that came directly before," says Sonny. "By the time we got to Nashville and began working with Dan, I was thinking 'let's just make a fun, guitar-driven record. I don't want to have any extracurricular stuff here. I just want it to be really pure.'" You can watch the video for the LP's opening cut, "Pictures of You," below.

There are no live dates for Sonny at the moment but you can check out Rod for Your Love's cover art and tracklist, below.

Sonny Smith - Rod For Your Love tracklist

1. Pictures of You
2. Lost
3. Adventures
4. Slaves
5. Live, Love and Be Free
6. Rod for Your Love
7. Burnin' Up (FT. Angel Olsen)
8. Refugees
9. More Bad Times
10. Bores Me to Tears