Sonny & The Sunsets are back with New Day with New Possibilities, which will be out July 30 via Sonny's Rocks In Your Head Records. (Pre-order.) Sonically connected to his 2012 album Longtime Companion, the album's musically a mix of '60s pop and country. “It was before COVID," says Sonny, "I had this big free empty studio in the hills, I was supposed to be painting, that was my initial plan, and I just began making songs on guitar, songs about being alone, songs about failed men, some dark tales of longing. I was reading some old western paperbacks, and I would go on these walks in the hills, come inside and write these kind of lonesome country songs. And that was it.”

The album features the expert, expressive pedal steel playing of Joe Goldmark, which really elevates things as you can hear on the first single, "Ring My Bell." Sonny says it "started off more or less as a rant, just a rant about lost love,  disconnected love, nonfunctioning love, love that doesn’t quite work out and how everything seems like a mirage these days. Life is like a hall of mirrors particularly in the last few years where truth feels upside down. That’s where it started, just an old fashion scrambled eggs rant. Then it kind of evolved into some sort of 60’s teenage bubblegum country song underneath these disparaging lonesome, desperate lyrics. That’s my favorite kind of song, minor key lyrics over major key music."

We've got the premiere of the "Ring My Bell' video which Sonny says is "just having fun in the neighborhood I live, the Sunset district of SF. “ Watch that below.


The Lonely Men
Earl & His Girl
Ring My Bell
Ride The Dark Trail
Love Obsession
Just Hanging Out By Myself
Keep Talkin Bout You
Palm Reader
I’m A Leaker
I’m A Dog
The Letter

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