One of the exclusive releases for today's Bandcamp Day Fundraiser is a new compilation album from experimental festival Unsound. They write:

Intermission is the first album ever released by Unsound, comprised of 15 commissioned tracks responding to the pandemic year through sound and music. Meditative, often powerful, affected by periods of anxiety and optimism, this multi-layered album is intended to be more than a compilation.

Featuring work by artists connected to Unsound Festival over the years, Intermission includes music and field recordings by some of today’s most exciting electronic and experimental musicians, with a focus on both well known and emerging names.

Although it can be experienced on its own, the album intersects with a book of essays, poetry and fiction to create a unique interdisciplinary work joining different opinions, narratives, art forms and genres. Together, the audio and texts comprise a kind of urgent atlas, one mapping innumerable paths through the strange new world in which we find ourselves.

Compiled by Mat Schulz and Gosia Płysa. Mastered and cut by Stefan Betke at scape mastering. Artwork by Aleksandra Grunholz.

This publication is co-financed thanks to the support of Municipality of Kraków and Fundusz Wsparcia Kultury. Selected tracks and texts were commissioned thanks to the support of We Are Europe, SHAPE, Creative Europe, Goethe-Institut, Music Norway and Austrian Cultural Forum.

This album is dedicated in memory of SOPHIE.

Included on the comp is a collaboration between SOPHIE and footwork great Jlin, "JSLOIPNHIE." Completed before SOPHIE's death in January, the track's description reads, "2020 was a year in which working remotely became mainstream, for artists as well as office workers. This collaboration between Gary, Indiana and London is one example of that."

The comp also features tracks from Angel Bat Dawid, Nicolas Jaar, Aho Ssan, Dirar Kalash, Ellen Fullman, Księżyc, Laraaji, Paweł Szamburski, Resina, Rolando Hernandez and Wukir Suryadi; Moor Mother and Geng; Tim Hecker, Agata Harz, and Katarzyna Smoluk; and more. Stream it below and purchase it on Bandcamp.

1. Chris Watson - Unlocked
2. Bastarda - Aperte
3. Slater, Guðnadóttir, Grisey - Happy, Healthy, Safe
4. mixed by Nicolás Jaar - Aho Ssan, Angel Bat Dawid, Dirar Kalash, Ellen Fullman, Księżyc, Laraaji, Nicolás Jaar, Paweł Szamburski, Resina, Rolando Hernandez and Wukir Suryadi - Weavings (Part 1)
5. Zosia Hołubowska and Julia Giertz - Community of Grieving (Part 1)
6. Ben Frost, Trevor Tweeten & Richard Mosse - Fire Front near Humaitá (excerpt from Double-Blind)
7. Lutto Lento - Good Morning Go Tears
9. 33EMYBW - The Room
10. Varg2™ & VTSS - VARGTSS2
11. Moor Mother & Geng - This Week
12. Slikback - ZETSUBO
13. DeForrest Brown, Jr. & James Hoff - Project for Revolution in New York
14. Tim Hecker, Agata Harz & Katarzyna Smoluk - Demeter & Johannes' Song of Pandemia
15. Jana Winderen - re_Surge

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