Soren Juul, who used to record under the name Indians and then under his own name, is now going by TWIMM. "I felt that Indians alias had outlived its artistic role for me and what it used to be, I needed something new and different. For me TWIMM is more outgoing a new beginning and a new chapter about where I see myself as an artist and songwriter now. There are no disguises," he says.

His first release as TWIMM is the new single "Blame," which premieres in this post. "'Blame' is a song you sing to yourself but also wants and needs an audience, someone to listen… its about, fighting for the all good and the best intentions, a fight to make beauty appear, but a lost battle… you gotta be ok to let go of all the good intentions and fantasies, have a little respect for yourself," Soren tells us. Musically, "Blame" starts out as the kind of chilled-out, atmospheric pop that you'd expect from Soren, but it turns into a glitchy, beautiful mess that's somewhere between James Blake and Age of Adz-era Sufjan. Check it out:

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