Last month, UK group Sorry released two new singles, "Cigarette Pack" and "Separate," and it turns out those were both part of a new EP, Twixtustwain, that's out today. As heard on those two singles, the EP is a little more experimental/adventurous than their debut 925. "The Twixtustwain songs, shapes and forms are more odd and misshaped to fit around the mantra type lyrical lines," says th band of the EP. "They are smaller ideas that we wanted to explore and put out between albums." You can listen to the EP, and watch videos for its tracks "Don’t Be Scared," "Things To Hold Onto," and "Favourite" (all directed by collaborators Flasha Prod), below.

The band have also made their two 2017 mixtapes, Home Demo/ns Vol. I and Home Demo/ns Vol. II, up on streaming services for the first time. "We've wanted Home Demons up for a while too, so more people can enjoy them now. They also show the songs / ideas that developed into 925." You can listen to those below as well.

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