The powerful Philly hardcore band Soul Glo, who are known for railing against police brutality in their lyrics, are on tour now, and after getting pulled over by a Missouri State Trooper, one of the members is now in custody and the band is raising money to get them out. They launched a GoFundMe and wrote:

While driving to a show, we were followed, pulled over and approached by a Missouri State Trooper with his hand on his gun. They pulled us all out of the car, searched us all and now have one of us in custody. The above amount is for the bail that was posted which happens to be THREE times the amount that they normally charge. Any amount that comes close but falls short will be used for attorney fees. We just want to get our friend out safely.

On Twitter they added, "please share this. please help us. we just want to get our friend out of jail and get home." As of this post, they've reached $5,442 of their $15,000 goal.

UPDATE: Soul Glo exceeded their goal, and they have now deactivated the fundraiser because "we don't want more support than we need." They also write:


Honestly thank you all so very very much for everything. The support in every sense has been almost overwhelming and we are extremely grateful.

We cannot touch the money till next week at the earliest but we have hired an attorney. We are doing everything in our power to get him out but we will be in Missouri till Friday at the earliest.

As we have updates I’ll post them but thank you all again.

Other bands, including Into It. Over It., Restorations, Creepoid and Zeta, have helped bring attention to the cause too:

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