Less than four months after releasing one of the best punk albums of 2020 with the Songs to Yeet at the Sun EP, Philly hardcore greats Soul Glo are already back with a new three-song EP, DisN**** Vol. 1. As you'd expect from this band, the EP covers all different kinds of music throughout its short running time. Each song is different; "FL STYLE PERMZ" channels industrial rap, "ROLLING LOUD, HEAR MY CRY" covers everything from grindy screamo to stomping metalcore, and "SCREAMO DEL BARRIO" features Spanish-sung guest vocals by Juanchi of Zeta and veers towards the same kind of experimental, polyrhythmic post-hardcore that that band makes. Like on Soul Glo's last EP, the musicality is matched by unflinching lyrics that are really worth reading if you can't make them out. The whole thing is intense, every last word of it.

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