Mark Lanegan

"...I checked out Soulsavers [at Bowery Balllroom last night - 9/22]. I couldnt' get over how much Mark Lanegan looked like Will Ferrell, I actually kept laughing, when he wasn't singing, he looked like Will Ferrell making fun of an angst-riddled grunge singer, lurching around, awkwardly earnest. Do people make fun of him about this? I thought it was uncanny. Anyway, he does have a really cool voice, deep, smokey baritone, unique; when I see a band live I often find it's hard to discern the lyrics but he is uniquely able to cut through the instruments with his voice and articulate every word, pretty cool." [What We are Listening To]

Soulsavers' tour continues into Boston tonight (9/23). A video from a show earlier this month in Berlin, below...

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