[Guided by Voices] began just past 6:45pm, and the Austin attendees who worked a full day were still making the drive to the Sherwood Forest. Here at the Dragon’s Lair stage, it meant a crowd of silver fox die-hards and curious entrants enthralled by the pace and Pollard’s still-has-it high kicks. (Last month, this iteration of GBV performed a 50-song set in Virginia.)

“I know this is a little bit outside of Austin, but close enough,” he said.

Let’s call it a soft open. Friday at the Sound on Sound festival’s main stage, the proximity, weather, and business hours made it a light kickoff crowd. But hey relative to the cold and drizzly maiden Fun Fun Fun Fest at Waterloo Park 10 years ago, this debut was wired and lively. The big stage that greets entrants, nestled amid tobacco sponsors and a wine bar, does feature a big and awesome purple dragon. It hugs the onstage castle facade, and is among the coolest aspects of this Renaissance-themed gathering. [Austin American-Statesman

Before briefly evacuating due to weather on its third and final day, the inaugural Texas festival Sound on Sound kicked off without a hitch on Friday (11/4). The festival was put on by Margin Walker Presents, a new company formed by the people who used to do Fun Fun Fun Fest. FFF took place in Austin, and SOS took place just outside of Austin at Sherwood Forest in McDade, TX. It had castles and a dragon and skateboarding and tons of people in costumes and tons of great music from Descendents, Run the Jewels, Death Grips, Guided by Voices, Thundercat, Thee Oh Sees, Into It Over It, clipping., Empress Of, Hinds and still more. Pictures of day 1 are in the gallery above.

Pics from Saturday HERE and rainy Sunday here and HERE.


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