On Saturday, Youth of Today frontman Ray Cappo drove to Sherwood Forest Faire from Houston, where he had taught a six-hour class on yoga philosophy.

"You know what I spoke about? I spoke about the principles of yoga,” Cappo, who dove off speakers and kamikazed to the band’s razor-sharp NYC style hardcore at the end of Sound on Sound Fest’s second night, explained to the audience. “Everything I’m saying in these songs, I spoke about tonight. That’s why I know what I’m saying between songs and never prepare set-lists.

“This is just the same shit I’ve been singing about for 30 fucking years in a different format: I tell these people to slow the fuck down.”

While the band’s Krishna-informed messaging says “Slow Down,” their music – executed by founding members Cappo (vocals), John Porcelly (guitar), plus drummer Sammy Siegler (who joined the band in the mid-Eighties at age 12), and blue-chip bassist Walter Schreifels – played as fast and furious as their classic 1986 LP Break Down the Walls. That album, forever in a place of prominence on the NYHC mantle, provided the bulk of Youth of Today’s Saturday night performance, which including inspired versions of “Make a Change,” “Thinking Straight,” and “Take a Stand.” [Austin Chronicle]

After a successful day one, inaugural Texas festival Sound on Sound (aka "the new FFF") continued on Saturday (11/5). Day two had reunited hardcore legends Youth of Today and the soon-to-break-up Dillinger Escape Plan back to back to close out the 'The Keep' stage, plus Beach House, Big Boi, Deerhunter, The Dead Milkmen, Car Seat Headrest, FLAG, Aesop Rock, HEALTH, Girls Against Boys, Radioactivity, and more. Pictures of day two are in the gallery above.

Day one pics HERE. Pics of the rain-plagued day three HERE.

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