Buffalo's Spaced made some noise last year with the self-proclaimed "far out hardcore" of their four-song demo and two-song promo Two New Joints, which members of Scowl and Taking Meds both named among their favorite releases of the year, and they also won over Buffalo hardcore veteran Scott Vogel, whose band Buried Alive brought out Spaced vocalist Lexi Reyngoudt on stage at Every Time I Die's 'Tid the Season. They've also been touring like crazy, having done treks with fellow rising hardcore bands like Gel, as well as bigger shows like New Found Glory's Sticks and Stones 20th anniversary fest in Worcester, and they have a run with Like Pacific, Action/Adventure, and Grumpster starting tonight (6/24).

Coinciding with that tour, Spaced have announced a new compilation, Spaced Jams, which compiles all six songs they released in 2021 plus three new ones, including the just-released "Prove You Wrong." This new one very much lives up to the "far out hardcore" description, with a shouted, finger-pointing hook occupies the space between tough and fun and a psychedelic tint on the guitars that matches the kaleidoscopic colors of the band's artwork. Check it out below. The comp arrives later this year via New Morality Zine.

The tour with Like Pacific, Action/Adventure, and Grumpster hits Knitting Factory Brooklyn on July 2 and Asbury Park's House of Independents on July 3. All dates on the tour poster below. Spaced also play Act Like You Know Fest alongside Scowl, Gridiron, Anxious, End It, Spy, Foreign Hands, Broken Vow, Sentenced 2 Die, Snuffed, Squitn, Terminal Nation, and more.


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