Pamplona, Spain is known more for its scenery than its indie rock scene but quartet Melenas are hoping to put it on the map with their very catchy style that pulls from garage rock, janglepop and shoegaze. After a 2017 debut and a couple singles, Melenas have signed with Trouble in Mind who will release their new album, Dias Raros ("Strange Days"), which is out May 1.

First single is the driving, melodic "3 Segundos" which the band describes as a "reverbcore journey in kraut rhythm" and, like the rest of the album, is sung in Spanish. The "bah bah bah" chorus, though, is universal. The song's video, directed by Iker Insausti, puts the four members in various TV show opening credits, including a family sitcom, a police drama, and a cheap sci-fi show, plus an '80s-style video game commercial. "[Iker] saw in us, particularly on this song, the opportunity to use all these references as he thought they fit really well," say the band. "As seen continuously in the video, the song talks about how the course of things can radically change in seconds, the power that some people have to make things turn around, explode, and make magic happen in a blink." It's very cleverly done and the video makes its premiere in this post. Watch below.


1. Primer Tiempo
2. No Puedo Pensar
3. 29 Grados
4. Despertar
5. El Tiempo Ha Pasado
6. Los Alemanes
7. 3 Segundos
8. Ciencia Ficcion
9. En Madrid
10. Ya No Es Verano
11. Vals

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