Spanish ska-Oi! band Decibelios were initially around from 1980 to 1990 and they released a handful of albums during that decade. They returned in 2014 with the "¡A por ellos!" 7" and a tour, and they're still going, with plans to finally come to the US in March of this year. (Going by their own tour history, it doesn't look like they have ever played here before.) They've still got original lead singer Fray, and the rest of the current lineup includes guitarist Mossen Jaume Botticelli, bassist Yoan, and drummer Mollerusa Duck. Here's an excerpt of the band's bio (translated with Google Translate):

Decibelios' first job, "Caldo de Pollo", was a clear nod of complicity to the working class. Fray, lead singer and lyricist of the band, great admirer of Wendy O. Williams of Plasmatics; "The Queen of Shock Rock", with the support of the utensils created by Miguel and Manolo, both locksmiths, created some shows on the stage, imaginative, forceful and innovative, becoming one of their hallmarks. Decibelios, always in a boil, far from being satisfied with his initial style, where speed and choirs were his main characteristic. They begin to take a turn influenced by the demanding Jamaican rhythms, whose particular identity between street, nostalgic and mysterious, is very close to the character of the group. Becoming one of the first Ska bands in the country, starting with the legendary carol Ska "Voca de Dios", produced by the independent label DISCOS DRO. As his next and third work, "Vacaciones en el Prat", completely Ska-OI style. In the final stretch of his first stage, 1980-1990, Decibelios, under the production of Rosendo, create their latest work, "With time and a reed", in which the band gives a rudder to other rhythms. It was at this stage that the new guitarist David Ocaña, current guitarist of Decibelios, joined the band.

Decibelios will be in NYC for a Queens show on March 2 at Blackthorn 51 with Royal Hounds, Fuerza Bruta, DSU, Lakras, Necrotic Society, Sewer Skrewer, and (A) Truth. Tickets are on sale. Decibelios also play Dallas and LA. All dates are listed on the tour poster below.

Fuerza Bruta are a Chicago-based Spanish-language band who cite "the glory days of Brazilian HC and Japanese Oi" as their man influence, and they released their debut LP Verdugo last year. They make a good pairing with Decibelios. Listen to that LP, and watch some Decibelios videos, below.