While Jim Ward isn't in the reunited At the Drive In lineup, he is back leading his band Sparta, who have released a couple new songs and have been touring. They played NYC's Bowery Ballroom on Friday (8/17), opening with new single "Graveyard Luck" before going on to play a set that included tons of classics, their other new single ("Cat Scream"), and another new song they haven't released yet ("Fight With Love"). Jim Ward talked a bunch of times on stage about how thankful he was that people were there to hear them again after a long delay, and he also spoke about immigration policies and children being put in holding camps, which made for the most powerful moment of the night.

Sound & Shape and Bethlehem Steel opened. Pictures are in the gallery above. Sparta's setlist and a video below.

Sparta's summer dates wrapped up in DC the night after the NYC show, and they resume touring in November.

Sparta at Bowery Ballroom - 8/17/18 Setlist
Graveyard Luck
Taking Back Control
Guns of Memorial Park
While Oceana Sleeps
Cat Scream
Glasshouse Tarot
The Most Vicious Crime
Light Burns Clear
Fight With Love
Breaking the Broken


photos by P Squared

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