Special Guest

It's always exciting trying to figure out who a 'Special Guest' is playing a show, especially a show at an intimate venue like Mercury Lounge in Manhattan where a 'Special Guest' just so happens to be playing this Sunday night. After a reader tip about this (thanks Joe!), we got our detective gear in motion.

The venue has no picture up (see above), and the band's only link goes to Spotify's Twitter. The opener doesn't even list the show on their pages. Hmmm... It didn't take long to be disappointed though, as we quickly found out that this show is ACTUALLY a band called Special Guest! To quote one friend: "that is the dumbest thing ever, besides naming your band TBA" (not to be confused with VBA who plays Merc on 6/20), though another more positive buddy thinks it's the "best name since Free Beer." What do you think?

The Clydes open this $10 Father's Day show, which despite the "Ticketfly" bio picture, only has tickets at the door, Pillar Point play earlier the same night.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of great shows at Mercury Lounge (now free of sinkholes), like Curtis Harding TONIGHT (6/10), Incan Abraham (6/16), Biblical (6/20), White Lung & Pop 1280 (6/26), Strand of Oaks (6/26), FREEMAN (7/22), The Wytches (7/24), Drenge (7/25), Cherry Glazerr (7/31), Twin Peaks (8/13), The Handsome Family (8/30), Man Or Astro-Man? (9/11), and YACHT (9/20). Check Ticketmaster for tickets and more.

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