Pete Nolan's group Spectre Folk will release their new album, Vol. 4, on June 2 via Vampire Blues (pre-order). His lineup for this one includes former Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley and former Pavement (and Sonic Youth) bassist Mark Ibold, plus Aaron Mullan (Tall Firs, Hallogallo) and Peter Meehan (Lucky Peach zine). The psychedelic album artwork (above) was designed by Gary Panter. Here's what Steve Shelley tells us about how Vol. 4 came to be:

A few years ago Pete Nolan asked me to play drums on some songs with him and Peter Meehan. We soon added Aaron Mullan on bass, then demoted him to third guitar when Mark Ibold took the bass chair. Later we added James Canty on second drum kit and keyboards, but it was too late for this record. You've got to be in this band for about 5 years before you make it onto a record.

We're premiering "Bremsstrahlung" off the album, which is a gorgeous dose of sunny, spring-weather psychedelia. Listen below.

No Spectre Folk tour dates announced at the moment, but Steve Shelley will be busy touring with Thurston Moore Group, and he and Thurston will also be playing Glastonbury with The Can Project.

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