Speed Stick is a new supergroup made up of veterans from the Carrboro, NC indie rock scene. The core lineup is Ash Bowie (Polvo), Charles Chace (The Paul Swest), Laura King (Bat Fangs, Flesh Wounds), and Thomas Simpson (The Love Language), and their upcoming debut album Volume One is even more super than that, with appearances by Mac McCaughan (Superchunk), Kelley Deal (The Breeders, R. Ring), Mike Montgomery (R. Ring), Stuart McLamb (The Love Language), and others.

According to a press release, "Initially, Speed Stick only consisted of two drummers. They distributed nine studio tracks and a single live track to select musicians. The musicians’ task was simple: draw inspiration from the beats in order to create music that spreads laterally and horizontally like a rhizome."

The first single is the hypnotic, groovy "Knots," and here's what Laura King says about that one:

We got the track "Knots" back from Kelley and Mike on the night of a show we were playing, so we all jammed in my car outside the venue and I hit play. Eyes widened and our jaws dropped, then we all laughed. It was a perfect moment to sit in. Nervous laughter and excitement. Time really did stand still, and knowing me I probably even teared up. It was perfect.

Laura also adds that the multiple-collaborator approach was inspired by Mike Watt's Ball-Hog or Tugboat? album. It was touring with Watt and his former fIREHOSE band member ed fROMOHIO and seeing them play every night "that really sealed the deal on me realizing I could probably do whatever the fuck I wanted to do...just took some years, courage, experience, and getting to know and play with some really talented musicians."

The album comes out January 22 via Don Giovanni (pre-order). Listen to "Knots" and check out the artwork and tracklist (with all guests listed) below.

Speed Stick Volume One

1. Protect Your Magic (featuring Ash Bowie/Charles Chace)
2. Knots (featuring Kelley Deal/Mike Montgomery)
3. Twin Collision (featuring Stuart McLamb)
4. Plants (featuring Ben Felton)
5. And Again (featuring Nora Rogers/Jenny Waters)
6. Lurk On Me (featuring Juan Huevos)
7. SS Grandmama (featuring Mac McCaughan)
8. Let It Shine (featuring Ryan Gustafson)
9. Pretty Sure (featuring Casey Cook/Laura King/Rob Liberti)
10. Spleed Splick (featuring Clarque Blomquist)

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