Speed put out one of the best hardcore releases of 2022 with their Gang Called Speed EP, and the Australian band also made their US live debut with an instantly-legendary Sound and Fury set. (They'll make their NYC debut at their label Flatspot Records' Brooklyn showcase next year.) They've landed on a number of year-end lists (including lists made by members of Knocked Loose, Trapped Under Ice, and Praise, as well as our own), and now Speed's five members have made us their own year-end lists. Picks include Mindforce, Regulate, End It, No Pressure, Gridiron, Terror, Mall Grab, High Vis, Ne-Yo, and more. Read on for their lists, with commentary on each pick...

Aaron's picks (bass):

Apollo Fontane & Hatch - Rubaiyat, Vol 1: Ides of March
A Sydney duo, Apollo and Hatch dropped this release earlier this year and it’s been on replay for me since. Hatch’s production sounds unreal and Apollo’s flow is incredible - if you’re into hip-hop/R&B this is definitely worth a listen.

Planet Vegeta - Ninety Two Way
From Western Sydney, this release from Planet Vegeta will be in my top plays for the year. Smooth, catchy and lyrical.

Regulate - Regulate
OG Regulate sound + some new bits that to me are reminiscent of Coheed and Cambria and Bad Brains, full hectic.

Mindforce - New Lords
Anything Jay (vocalist) does is insane - I’ll listen to anything this man does.

End It - Unpleasant Living
End It gonna be the next big thing.

Kane's picks (drums):

Mindforce - New Lords
I didn't think a band could hone in on their sound any better than what Mindforce have done on this record! The guitar licks and riffs. Hectic.

No Pressure - No Pressure
It's tight as fuck and catchy. What more could you want.

Regulate - Regulate
This record is amazing! It's the usual tough Regulate sound with flare, the clean vocal melodies never leave my head after listening to this record!

Gridiron - No Good At Goodbyes
Hardest band and hardest record. I love the drumming in this record, so tight!

Mall Grab - What I Breathe
When I've had enough of hardcore this is my alternative. It's chill and therapeutic.

Josh's picks (guitar):

Phantoms - Hell Is Empty
Our big brothers in Sydney HC… rare for a legacy band to bring out new music that stands up to their old material but with this one they proved that they’re back for real.

The Others - Dive Into My World
This year I was reminded that The Others are my favourite live hardcore act in Australia. This record is a really interesting and creative progression for them.

Terror - Pain Into Power
One of Terror’s most urgent and aggressive records of all time, which is an achievement in its own considering how long they’ve been doing this now… GOAT status band.

Gridiron - No Good At Goodbyes
Like everyone else who listened to it, I think I had a different Gridiron bar stuck in my head every single day this year.

Mindforce - New Lords
This one is my number one, it just had me daydreaming about moshing more than any other record this year. At the end of the day, what else can you ask for?

Dennis' picks (guitar):

Gridiron - No Good At Goodbyes
This record is gun as I only found out about this band this year. This is what a band should look like.

Mindforce - New Lords
Bro when this record drop it came out of nowhere another gun record. Straight up packed with riffs.

Phantoms - Hell Is Empty
Sydney Hardcore OG shit legendary Sydney band no intro needed. Hell Is Empty is automatically in my top 5 because that’s Sydney shit!

Regulate - Regulate
Gun as record

Josiah Daniel - Hard Four
I don’t even listen to country music at all but this is in my top 5. I fuck with CI hard out and this is like the opposite of what CI is, Josiah killed it

Jem's picks (vocals):

Yes, we all love the same records so I’m gonna try to diversify a bit with my picks…

Terror - Pain Into Power
20 years on and they’ve released one of their best records yet. They’ve done what few can ever accomplish and fully cemented themselves as legends of hardcore. Incredible LP front to back!!!

Ne-Yo - Self Explanatory
Really impressed with this album… great balance of old school R&B with the right amount of modern influences. Mostly a pretty awesome record and even has an appropriation of Zapp’s hit "Computer Love."

Volcano - Fool 2 Tha Game
Mad mix of NYHC and death metal mosh parts. Takes a lot to stand out in the world of beatdown-esque HC nowadays and I think these guys hit the right spot for a lot people.

Beabadoobee - Beatopia
A lot of good pop songs on here, reminds me of some of the pop punk I used to like in high school. Asians make fresh music.

High Vis - Blending
I only found out about this band recently and haven’t stopped thrashing this record since. It’s like The Smiths that you could head walk to with a pint glass in one hand.


For more on Speed (and other bands mentioned in their lists), listen to our new podcast episode about the best hardcore of 2022:


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