Speedy Ortiz have released their first new single in five years, "Scabs," following 2018's Twerp Verse. It's also their first to feature touring members Audrey Zee Whitesides (bass) and Joey Doubek (drums), alongside founding guitarist/vocalist Sadie Dupuis and guitarist Andy Molholt. The song was co-produced by the band and illuminati hotties' Sarah Tudzin, who also sung backup on it, and it also features additional guitar from former member Darl Ferm. It's a fresh take on the kind of off-kilter guitar rock that Speedy have been churning out for over a decade, and Sadie Dupuis' lyricism is just as forceful and elaborate as the music.

"Living in progressive cities and working in the arts, you meet peers doing tremendous organizing work. And then there are neighbors who signal their ‘good’ politics through yard signs alone," Sadie says. "I wrote ‘Scabs’ standing in line at the post office, overhearing customers berate a USPS employee. This was during a time of postal unions-opposed budget cuts and other major issues for mail handlers, which were widely reported on. People advertising their support for essential workers acted conversely when faced with personal inconvenience. The song became more widely about self-designated ethicists who don’t quibble about crossing a picket line for individual benefit." Listen below.

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