Wolf Parade's Spencer Krug has announced new solo album Fading Graffiti which will be out April 16 via his own helpfully named label, Pronounced Kroog. The album takes songs that originated as piano ballads on Krug's Patreon in 2019 and recontextualizes them as indie rock. This is also Krug's first album under his own name, having previously worked under his Moonface solo guise and Sunset Rubdown.

The first single is Fading Graffiti's title track, which is pretty terrific -- swooning and odd, and maybe just a little like Destroyer's more guitar-centric records. You can watch the video for it below.

spencer krug fading graffiti

Fading Graffiti
Winter Sings to Fall
Having Discovered Ayahuasca
River River
Wasted Energy
The Moon and The Dream
Serena's Kills
One at a Time
Pin a Wing Above the Door

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