The latest cover songs from Jagjaguwar's 25th anniversary compilation Join The Ritual are here, and they include Spencer Krug (Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown, Moonface, etc) covering "Red Dress" by cult artist (and Half Japanese member) Jad Fair, and Okay Kaya covering R.E.M.'s '90s classic "Nightswimming." Spencer samples the hand claps and vocals of Jad Fair's original "Red Dress" but otherwise makes it entirely his own, and Okay Kaya's atmospheric take on "Nightswimming" has an even greater sense of melancholy than R.E.M.'s. Listen to both below.

"I wanted to try something with 'Red Dress' because the lyrics are so carefree and whimsically romantic; a mood I was craving during the tail end of the pandemic," said Spencer. "Since the original is basically just vocals and percussion, I thought an interesting approach to 'covering' the song would be to lay down my own vocals and piano on top of what Jad Fair was already doing. It was something I'd never tried before, but I think the process yielded some harmonically interesting results, especially within the blend of the two vocal tracks."

Join The Ritual comes out September 24 and the premise is that it features current and former Jagjaguwar artists covering songs that "originally inspired company founder Darius Van Arman and partner Chris Swanson to enter the wild, dark magic ritual of music." Previously released covers include Bruce Hornsby covering Dinosaur Jr and Jamila Woods covering Tracy Chapman.

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