The Ska Punk International record label, podcast, and all-around amazing source for current ska-punk from all around the world, is throwing SPI Fest on March 10 & 11 at Flamingo Cantina in Austin, Texas, which is right before SXSW. The lineup includes The Toasters, Tsunami Bomb, The Littlest Man Band, Wicked Bears, Lo(u)ser, Flying Raccoon Suit, Joystick, Hans Gruber and the Die Hards, Young Costello, Los Kurados, and more. Tickets are on sale now.

SPI Fest

SPI Fest 2023 Lineup
The Toasters
Tsunami Bomb
Littlest Man Band
Wicked Bears
Flying Raccoon Suit
Hans Gruber and the Die Hards
Young Costello
Los Kurados
Simple Minded Symphony
Sad Snack
Plastic Presidents
Checkered Past The Ska’d Cast (live episode)
Take Today
Megawave Infinity
Joker’s Republic
Los Ocupados
Holy Schnikes
Flip and the Combined Effort
The Skajects

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