Even though the Spice Girls had to say "goodbye" in 2000, it was obvious they were going to "viva forever" because "friendship never ends." They returned briefly for a reunion tour in 2007, and now it looks like you'll get another chance to "spice up your life" because they're reportedly going to reunite to tour the UK and the US this year. If they play near you, just "say you'll be there." Is this "too much"? I'll "stop."

But yes it's true. TMZ says that sources tell them that the iconic and hugely influential group have a goal of beginning a world tour in late summer, with plans to start in England and then come over to the US. In case there was any question, "There is NO plan for a Vegas residency and no plan to record new music." Apparently everyone but Victoria Beckham was on board for a while, and now Victoria is "fully on board." They'll once again be managed by Simon Fuller (who managed them back in the day and also created American Idol) for this tour. One last note from TMZ: "The planning is still in the early stages, but everyone is fully committed and the tour is going to happen."

So, yeah. Get ready for a Spice Girls reunion tour in the year 2018!

UPDATE: Looks like Posh Spice is shutting down the tour rumors. "The girls aren't going on tour," she told Vogue.