Current Spill / former Placeholder vocalist Brandon Gepfer recently opened a DIY venue in his hometown of Lancaster, PA called Single File, but attendees have not been treating the place well. It was wrecked this past weekend, and his Spill bandmate Rafael Diaz (ex-We Were Skeletons) launched a GoFundMe campaign to help with repairs. He writes:

When my friend and bandmate Brandon decided to open up a DIY event space, he knew it'd be hard. Hell, we all did. But I'm pretty sure we expected things like lack of attendance, people being a bit messy here and there, whatever. Obstacles and headaches, yeah, but there was an expectation of at least a general sense of human decency.

Well, apparently that was a silly assumption. This weekend the space got tremendously trashed and disrespected and that's why I'm reaching out for support. If you've been to a show or event at Single File, you know that it's an absolute boon to the community and that it hasn't even begun to reach its potential. So please, if you have a few extra bucks and care about Lancaster's arts and music scene and want to see an independently run DIY space prosper, come help the Single File keep its doors open. Thank you.

That picture above is of the venue's bathroom, via Brandon's Instagram. Upcoming shows at Single File include Daddy Issues, Koji / Sinai Vessel, Reservoir, and more.

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