Former Pavement guitarist Spiral Stairs is currently on tour supporting his very good new solo album Doris and The Daggers. He was in NYC over the weekend, playing The Bell House on Friday (6/23) and Mercury Lounge on Saturday (6/24). At both shows, he treated folks to a wide cross section of songs from throughout his career, including a bunch of Pavement songs ("Two States," "Hit the Plane Down," "Date with IKEA"), songs from his Preston School of Industry days, selections from the new album, and at the Bell House he opened with a cover of Roxy Music's "Flesh and Blood."

You can check out setlists from both NYC shows below, and we've got pictures from Spiral's set at Mercury Lounge in the gallery above (we missed Grooms and Lazyeyes unfortunately).


SETLIST: Spiral Stairs @ The Bell House 6/23/2017
Flesh and Blood (Roxy Music)
Dance (Cry Wolf)
No Comparison
Exiled Tonight
Trams (Stole My Love)
Date with IKEA (Pavement)
Kennel District (Pavement)
Dundee Man
Passat Dream (Pavement)
Hit The Plane Down (Pavement)
Whalebones (Preston School of Industry)
Caught in the Rain (Preston School of Industry)
Angel Eyes
Two States (Pavement)



photos by Stephanie Augello