Last year, doom metallers Spirit Adrift released the great Divided By Darkness and death metallers Gatecreeper released the great Deserted. As you may know, both bands had very similar lineups when they released those albums (see older band pictures below), but as revealed in a new interview with Metal Injection, they're making an amicable split and now Spirit Adrift's Nate Garrett is no longer in Gatecreeper, while Gatecreeper's Eric Wagner and Chase Mason are departing Spirit Adrift. Nate says:

2020 we're splitting the band up. This is the year that we finally had to do it. Eric and Chase are going to continue on with Gatecreeper and then Marcus and I are doing Spirit Adrift. Gatecreeper has got a new live guitar player and we've got a new live bass player and guitar player.

Eric and Chase write the Gatecreeper stuff and they started that band. I write all the Spirit Adrift stuff and I started that band. It just kind of went without saying. We just reached a point of diminishing returns. For awhile it was cool and it was working, but I think we reached a point where both bands were suffering by sharing the members. We're gonna be two separate entities moving forward.

But wait, there's more. Spirit Adrift are also reissuing their 2016 debut LP Chained to Oblivion on March 27 via Prosthetic (pre-order) and working on a new album that's expected this year. Here's some of what he says about that:

No one has any reason to believe dudes in bands when they say that their new album is the best album they've ever done because everybody says that about every album. If I said this is the best album we have ever done there is no reason for anyone to believe me. But what I will say is it's definitely my favorite album that we've ever done. And it's not even finished yet.

I will say that there have been objective improvements in my singing, in my playing and my songwriting, and there have been objective improvements in Marcus's drumming. And I have watched him, over the course of the past six months, put himself through boot camp, and he is playing better than he ever has and I'm playing better than I ever have. And I'm singing exponentially better than I ever have. But the songs are purely subjective. Like whether or not you like a song is purely subjective. But I definitely know that we're playing and singing better than we ever have.

That's the new artwork for the Chained To Oblivion reissue above and you can stream the album below. Spirit Adrift have an upcoming Europe/UK tour with Corrosion of Conformity and they're playing 20 Buck Spin and Gilead Media's Migration Fest in Pittsburgh this August.

Gatecreeper are going on the Decibel tour with Mayhem, Abbath, and Idle Hands (including NYC's Webster Hall on 4/4).

Gatecreeper's previous lineup (photo by Joseph Maddon)
Spirit Adrift
Spirit Adrift's previous lineup (photo by Joseph Maddon)

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