Arizona doom metal outfit Spirit Adrift just released their killer new album Chained to Oblivion. Now we're happy to premiere the video for the ripping opening track "Psychic Tide."

The video uses re-constituted old, scary footage dealing with drug experiments and various other vaguely-occult seeming incidents. It casts a black-and-white, old-fashioned horror spell around what is a very effective, traditionally catchy doom song. Spirit Adrift mastermind Nate Garrett is a classicist, and this new video takes the doom concept in a classically psychedelic direction, and what could be more psychedelic than the government injecting people with hallucinogens? It also links classic conspiracy theories with the powerful emotional content of Garrett's songwriting, as Garrett, a recovered alcoholic, weaves tales that situate that disease within the doom's thematic tradition of substance abuse, isolation, powerlessness and misery.

You can order Chained to Oblivion here. Check out the video for "Psychic Tide" below.