SpiritualizedBeginning in April, things are going to start getting extremely busy for the folks in Spiritualized. Songs in A&E, their first full length LP in 5 years, is set to to be released in Europe on May 26th (US date TBD). A single for the song "Soul on Fire" will also precede the album release by one week and will be available as a 7-inch and digital download. The album has a whopping 18 tracks and features a recurring track entitled "Harmony" which appears at 6 different points throughout the record. Full tracklist below.

J. Spaceman and Sun City Girls also did the soundtrack to the Harmony Korine film Mr. Lonely (trailer). What's with this recurring "harmony" motif Spaceman? Anyhow, the soundtrack will be available via Drag City on April 28th, and the movie....

In Paris, a young American who works as a Michael Jackson lookalike meets Marilyn Monroe, who invites him to her commune in Scotland, where she lives with Charlie Chaplin and her daughter, Shirley Temple.

Spiritualized....will be showing May 5th at ICF Cener in NYC. More dates and cities are listed at the end of this post. Until then, preview a track from it above, and check out the tracklist (also) below.

We had our live Spiritualized appetites whetted late last year with a handful of intimate and beautiful Acoustic Mainlines shows. There will be three more Acoustic Mainlines gigs in the US in April, including a stop at Coachella on April 27 in the Mojave Tent. Then in July Spiritualized will embark on an Electric Mainlines Tour which will kick-off with an appearance at the Pitchfork Music Festival on July 20th. After Pitchfork they will continute their Electric Mainlines tour throughout the US until sometime in August when they'll head overseas for gigs in Japan and Europe. In September they'll be back in the states to wrap up the Electric Mainlines tour.

Oh, and...

There is a Goldfrapp v Spiritualized remix included on the cd & digital release of the next Goldfrapp single, 'Happiness', released by Mute Records in April.

Tour dates and everything else below....

Mister Lonely

Mister Lonely OST:
01 "Michael's Opening" (dialogue)
02 Jason Spaceman: "Blues 1"
03 Jason Spaceman: "Blues 2 (Intro)"
04 Sun City Girls: "3D Girls"
05 Jason Spaceman: "Panama 1"
06 Sun City Girls: "Spook"
07 Jason Spaceman: "Garden Walk"
08 Sun City Girls: "Steppe Spiritual"
09 Jason Spaceman: "Pope in the Bath"
10 "Nun's Prayer" (dialogue)
11 Sun City Girls: "Mr. Lonely Viola"
12 Sun City Girls: "Beryl Scepter"
13 "Red Riding Hood's Hangman" (dialogue)
14 Jason Spaceman: "Stooges Harmonica"
15 "Father Umbrillo's Broken Nation"
16 Jason Spaceman: "Musicbox Underwater"
17 Sun City Girls: "Circus Theme"
18 Sun City Girls: "Vine Street Piano"
19 Jason Spaceman: "Paris Beach"
20 Sun City Girls: "Farewell"

Mister Lonely - film showing dates
May 5 @ IFC Center in NYC
May 9 @ Kendall Square in Cambridge, MA
May 9 @ Ritz @ The Bourse in Philadelphia, PA
May 9 @ E Street in Washington DC
May 9 @ Sunset 5 in Los Angeles, CA
May 16 @ Belcourt in Nashville, TN
May 16 @ NW Film Forum in Seattle, WA
May 23 @ Midtown Art in Atlanta, GA
May 23 @ Magnolia in Dallas, TX
May 23 @ Shattuck in Berkeley, CA
May 23 @ Lumiere in San Francisco, CA
May 30 @ Main Art in Detroit, MI
May 30 @ Plaza Frotenac in St Louis, MO
May 30 @ Dobie in Austin, TX
Jun 20 @ Hollywod in Portland, OR
Jun 27 @ Loct in Tuscon, AZ

Spiritualzied - A&E tracklist
1. Harmony 1
2. Sweet Talk
3. Death Take Your Fiddle
4. I Gotta Fire
5. Soul On Fire
6. Harmony 2
7. Sitting On Fire
8. Yeah Yeah
9. You Lie You Cheat
10. Harmony 3
11. Baby I'm Just A Fool
12. Don't Hold Me Close
13. Harmony 4
14. The Waves Crash In
15. Harmony 5
16. Borrowed Your Gun
17. Harmony 6
18. Goodnight Goodnight

Spiritualized - 2008 Tour Dates
Apr 23 - Lobero Theatre- Santa Barbara- Santa Barbara, California (tix) *
Apr 25 - 4th and B- San Diego- San Diego, California (tix) *
Apr 26 - Coachella Festival- Coachella festival, California (tix) *
May 18 - Cambridge Junction Cambridge
May 19 - Sheffield Plug Sheffield
May 20 - London, Koko London, London and South East
May 23 - Gagarin Club Athens
May 24 - Dot to Dot Festival, Bristol Bristol
May 25 - Dot to Dot Festival, Nottingham Nottingham
May 28 - Tripod Dublin, Dublin
May 29 - Mandela Hall Belfast
May 30 - Bologna Estragon-Rocker Festival Bologna, Bologna
Jul 10 - Alive Festival Lisbon Lisbon, Lisboa
Jul 12 - Les Ardentes Festival Les Ardentes Festival
Jul 18 - Benicassim Festival- Spain- Electric Mainlines. Benicassim Festival- Spain
Jul 20 - Pitchfork Festival Union Park-Chicago, Illinois (tix)
Aug 9 - Tokyo Summersonic Festival Tokyo, Tokyo
Aug 10 - Osaka Summersonic Festival Osaka, Osaka
Sep 6 - Virgin Festival - Toronto Toronto Island Pa
Sep 17 - Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA w/ Cat Power & Nick Cave

* "Acoustic Mainlines" show

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