by Klaus Kinski (who was @ Music Hall in Brooklyn)


Of all the times I've seen Spiritualized, Saturday's seated show (7/26/08) at the Music Hall of Williamsburg sadly ranks as my least favorite. That isn't to say the show wasn't good; it really was. But for me it just wasn't AS good as past performances. The set list certainly did not disappoint. The band, complete with a pair of gospel singers, played classics including "Shine a Light", "Electricity", and "She Kissed Me" as well as tunes from their new record Songs In A&E including "Soul on Fire" and "Sweet Talk" (complete set list below). But I thought show lacked the energy and electricity of the Bowery/Irving/North Six shows from years ago, as well as the emotive qualities of the Acoustic Mainlines gig at the Apollo. I realize it wasn't their first show on the tour, but halfway through the set it began to feel like a dress rehearsal for the Terminal 5 show happening the next day in Manhattan. I wish I saw the non-seated T5 show so I could compare them. How was that one?

To summarize, the Brooklyn show was expertly played and the song selection was impeccable, but I left feeling a little blase about the experience. Listen to the Friday DC show on NPR. Check out the Brooklyn setlist below...

Spiritualized - Music Hall of Williamsburg - Setlist

You Lie You Cheat
Shine A Light
Soul On Fire
Sweet Talk
Sitting On Fire
Walking With Jesus
Oh Baby
Rated X
Lay Back In The Sun
Death Take Your Fiddle
She Kissed Me
Come Together
Take Me To The Other Side

Lord Can You Hear Me

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