Spiritualized @ The ApolloSpiritualized @ The Apollo

The last few times I saw Spiritualized (Bowery, Irving, Northsix), I was treated to a truly phenomenal wall of light and sound. Ever since those shows I've been pining for them to come back to the states again. After a painful four year wait, a period of time that almost saw the demise of Jason Pierce, they came back to the states with a handful of gigs billed Acoustic Mainlines.

Their stop at The Apollo in Harlem didn't disappoint. As a matter of fact, this show was probably one of the most perfect musical experiences in recent memeory, even with the occasional douche-nozzles hollering out completely ridiculous and embarassing nonsense here and there. The set-list was beautifully constructed, and the addition of the strings and background vocalists nearly brought a tear to my eye at points. As much as I like my comedy, metal and hardcore, nothing can compare to the acoustic renditions of "Ladies And Gentlemen We're Floating In Space", "Broken Heart", "Stop Your Crying" and the rest of the 90-minutes of material I was lucky enough to experience. -Klaus

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