Jason Pierce says Spiritualized will release a new album in 2022. The news came via an interview with Pierce in Aquarium Drunkard about the reissues of Spiritualized's first four albums this year by Fat Possum. There are not a lot of details beyond that:

AD: What are you working on now?

Jason Pierce: Not much. I just finished a record. I’m kind of kicking my heels at the moment.

AD: When is it coming out?

Jason Pierce: Early next year.

AD: Will it be Spiritualized?

Jason Pierce: It’s a Spiritualized record as well. That seems like a weird kind of accomplishment.

"Early next year" will mean just a little over three years since 2018's And Nothing Hurt, which is the fastest turnaround for Spiritualized in a long time. The album will be Spiritualized's ninth. Stay tuned!

The reissue of Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space, Spiritualized's 1997 third album, is out Friday (get it in our shop). "I like Pure Phase the best of these four records, but people still say Ladies and Gentlemen is where everything kind of came together," says Pierce. "I’m still astounded by both records, where they don’t let up. There’s no kind of curfew. Or no 'you can’t stay on that section for that length of time.' They sit on where they arrive and stay there, and I found that kind of amazing."

You can listen to the Ladies and Gentlemen reissue below and you can pick up the new vinyl reissue , along with Lazer Guided Melodies in the BV shop.

The fourth and final part of the Spaceman Reissue Program will be 2001's Let it Come Down and that will be out later this year.

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