by Bill Pearis


The remake of Poltergeist comes out this Friday (5/22). I'm not sure we need it as Tobe Hooper's 1982 original holds up pretty well, but what can you do? (Not see it, I guess.) Give the new one a little credit -- given the film's iconic image of little Carol-Ann staring at white fuzz on a no-signal TV -- for getting Spoon to cover The Cramps' classic "TV Set" for the soundtrack. Few things are as wonderfully, wildly unhinged as The Cramps and Lux Interior were in the prime ("TV Set" was 1980) but Britt Daniel and crew do a nice, straightforward job here. We can only hope the film does as well. Stream it (via Stereogum) below.

Spoon's tour with The Antlers will be in NYC next month for shows at King's Theatre on June 16 with The Antlers (buy tickets or win them) and June 17 at The Wick (sold out).