Spotify has announced a new feature, "Exclude from your Taste Profile," Engaget reports. It allows users to filter certain playlists out from affecting their personalized recommendations (aka their "Taste Profile," or algorithm). For example, if you have a sleep playlist that you let play for hours, you can filter it out so your algorithm doesn't recommend more sleep music. Or, if your kids use your Spotify for their Disney favorites, you can keep those from affecting your recommended playlists (Daily Mixes, Release Radar, etc). Spotify writes, "We understand why you might not want kids’ music popping up in your Blend playlists, or white noise dominating your Discover Weekly. That’s why we’re introducing a new feature that will make personalization better than ever: the ability to exclude select playlists from your Taste Profile."

So far, Exclude from your Taste Profile is only functional for playlists, not albums or individual songs. Liked songs will still be factored into algorithmic playlists, too -- so even if you exclude a playlist, the liked songs on it may still show up.

The feature is just beginning to roll out, so it may not be widely available yet. You'll find it by tapping the three dots next to the play button on a playlist.

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