You've already seen what the most streamed music on Spotify was in the U.S. and globally for both 2019 and the entire decade, and now Spotify have unveiled their annual Spotify "Wrapped," which tells you what artists, songs, genres, and podcasts you listened to most for both 2019 and the 2010s overall, plus some other personal stats. At the end, it gives you playlists of your top songs for the year and decade, plus you get all kinds of infographics to show your friends.

Get your personal Spotify "Wrapped" here. Who made your list??

This year, there's also "Wrapped" for Artists, where artists can learn the total hours they were streamed, which hours they were streamed, what countries their fans are based, the number of fans that had them as their #1, and more. Given her album title, this Billie Eilish stat is pretty punny:

Billie Eilish

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