Back in 1998, Canada's Spread The Disease (who were formed by members of New Day Rising and future members of The Abandoned Hearts Club) released their debut album We Bleed From Many Wounds on Eulogy Records. Its ahead-of-its-time fusion of hardcore with black and death metal made the band progenitors of the blackened hardcore and death metal-infused hardcore subgenres that took off long after Spread The Disease broke up, and the band's status has only risen over time.

Now, the album is getting its first-ever vinyl release (remastered for vinyl by Greg Dawson at BWC Studios), courtesy of Hypaethral Records in the US, Listen To Aylin Records in Norway, and Moment of Collapse in Germany (click the label links to pre-order). Christer Reitan from Listen To Aylin spoke to us about the decision to reissue the album:

Hailing from Norway and having a fondness for extreme music, I became interested in black metal as a 11 year old. I loved the rawness and bleakness of it! It was something ugly and beautiful.

A few years later, I discovered hardcore and found a ferocity I haven't heard in music before. It took me by surprise that a genre could act as a megaphone for important subjects, politics and against social injustice.

I always wanted a marriage between the two genres, but that felt like a utopian dream. They felt too far apart.

In 2003 I went to my favorite record store in Oslo and was recommended Spread The Disease by the clerk, and I immediately fell in love. The bleak, nihilistic approach of black metal, combined with the intensity and dedication found in hardcore! Add a little unique, atmospheric flavor to it all, and you'll have what's more or less a pioneer in a genre that's universally loved by almost everyone into metal and hardcore.

Many years later, I connected with David [Buschemeyer] and asked him jokingly if he wanted to repress the album on vinyl, and a few weeks later he approached me, as well as two labels I deeply respect; Hypaethral Records (US) and Moment of Collapse Records (Germany) . Being able to repress such a seminal classic together with two amazing labels is nothing short of a dream!

David Buschemeyer (of Spread The Disease, New Day Rising, and Abandoned Hearts Club) added, "We felt like this album should have had a vinyl release 23 years ago, but none of us fought for that. This is our way of righting that blunder. We had a unique sound back then and we’re stoked to be able to finally get our contribution to blackened hardcore onto its rightful format."

Stream the remastered album below...


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