Squid Pisser is the new duo of Tommy Meehan (Deaf Club, Cancer Christ, etc) and Seth Carolina (Starcrawler), and their upcoming debut album My Tadpole Legion is loaded with guest vocalists, including Punch/Super Unison's Meghan O’Neil, Melt-Banana's Yako, Starcrawler's Arrow DeWilde, Nekrogoblikon's Nicky Calonne, The Locust's Joey Karam, Cancer Christ's St. Anthony, and more. There's also drums by Tera Melos' John Clardy on three songs, and it was mixed by Converge's Kurt Ballou. It comes out April 14 via Three One G and Sweatband Records.

We're premiering opening track/lead single "Liquified Remains," an absolutely batshit offering of discordant, chaotic hardcore, along with its equally nuts music video. Here's what Tommy says about it:

I remember eating so many fucking hot dogs while we were writing this album. The song kinda feels to me like relish and chewed up hot dog chunks and grape jelly and tadpole eggs all being blasted and splattered against naked flesh. Pelting and grinding into the skin.

We shot the music video for "LIQUIFIED REMAINS" with legendary underground film director, cinematographer, vfx artist, and all around creative badass, Mike Manasewitsch ( @blockbustervideo.org_ ). During those few days of filming we would just get all the SQUID DUDES together to hang out and drink a bunch of JOLT COLA so that we could get really hyper and cruise around until we found a fun looking location. The sewers of Downtown Los Angeles are always disgusting to film in (we had done a few sewer shoots with my other band CANCER CHRIST down there before, so we knew the tunnels pretty well). We also broke into a train car for some of the performance stuff. We found a fire extinguisher, set it off all over the place and then just started pissing on everything... The next day we drove out to Malibu to get some more shots (and to go surfing alongside all the rich, entitled and beautiful assholes over there). We saw a huge dead sea lion washing up on the beach (right across the street from the shrimp shack that "Tyler" works at in Point Break). We also ran into Jonah Hill that day. He was walking down to the beach to do some surfing with some of his boys. At the end of the video, there's this nice looking place with all of this fur and sparkly shit all everywhere. That was in Korea Town at this place called SPARKL PALACE or SPARKL HOUSE or something. Some girls condo... I know we were also drunk filming in a 7/11 at some point too.

This is the first song that Seth and I ever wrote together so it's fitting that it's the first one that the world gets to hear from SQUID PISSER. It's the only track on the album that I do vocals on. Initially we were looking for a full time singer but then we thought, "Wouldn't it be rad to get a bunch of guest vocalists from bands that we both love to fill out the track listing?" So, that's exactly what we did. We collaborated with singers from bands like: PUNCH, MELT BANANA, THE LOCUST, NEKROGOBLIKON, WACKO and more... We got to work with a ton of our favorite musicians on the record and it's truly been a dream come true.

Check it out:

Liquified Remains
Violence Forever feat. Meghan O’Neil (Punch, King Woman)
Marching for Trash feat. Arrow DeWilde (Starcrawler)
The Everlasting Bloat feat. Nicky Calonne (Nekrogoblikon)
My Tadpole Legion feat. Yako (Melt-Banana), John Clardy (Tera Melos)
Both feat. Zaine Drayton (of WACKO), Clardy
Vibe Monster feat. Joseph K. Karam (The Locust), Clardy
Fuck Your Preacher feat. Antichris and the Raped, St. Anthony (Cancer Christ)
Lord of the Frog feat. DJ EMBRYONIC PETIT SAC

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