One of the best debut EPs I've heard in the punk/hardcore world this year is Feel It by St. Louis' Squint, a new band with current and former members of Time and Pressure, New Lives, and Choir Vandals who make big, catchy, anthemic, hardcore-informed music that fits in very nicely with current stuff like Turnstile, Drug Church, Fiddlehead, and Anxious, while also recalling classic bands like Turning Point and Seaweed. They've just now announced that they'll put out a second EP this year called Wash Away on November 18 via Sunday Drive Records (pre-order). The first single is "Pig Pen," and it's another anthem that scratches the same itch as the first EP. If you're new to the band but any of this sounds up your alley, I think you'll like what you're about to hear. Check it out below.

The same weekend this EP comes out, Squint play Act Like You Know Fest with Scowl, Anxious, End It, Spy, Gridiron, Spaced, and many more.

1. Pig Pen
2. Seeds
3. Circles
4. Treading Water

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