With the pandemic still wreaking havoc on the entertainment industry, we really miss things like music festivals and movie theaters, but do you miss overhearing someone playing "Stairway To Heaven" in guitar stores? If you do, St. Vincent has you covered.

She posted a video of herself playing "Stairway" and wrote, "Since guitar stores have been closed, I thought you might have missed the sound of someone fumbling through 'stairway to heaven.' (Not pictured but honorable mention, 'smoke on the water' 'sweet home Alabama' 'black dog' 'where ever I may roam'). Love to all my guitar players out there. I know. I miss it too."

If anyone's allowed to break the "No Stairway" rule, it's St. Vincent. Watch her video below. Earlier this year, St. Vincent covered Led Zeppelin's "Dancing Days."

Also, this past weekend St. Vincent posted a pre-pandemic photo of her with Metallica's Kirk Hammett, whose mutual admiration with STV is well documented. Kirk also paid tribute to Fleetwood Mac's Peter Green and contributed to two upcoming Peter Green tribute projects.

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