St. Vincent @ Chicago's Vic Theatre in May (more by James Richards IV)

Annie Clark may not have released a St. Vincent record this year, but she did tour quite a bit in support of 2011's Strange Mercy. The one record Annie DID welcome this year was a collaboration with David Byrne, titled Love This Giant. She also toured a bunch in support of that album (maybe you saw our multi-part "On the Road with David Byrne & St. Vincent" series?). Today, the final day of 2012, Annie has offered up an "End of Year Summation" via her blog.

Read it all below...

St. Vincent's End of Year Summation

December 31, 2012

Jetlag: Of the jetlag remedies, melatonin is the most terrifying on the psyche. Ambien is like melatonin's wild younger brother who drops LSD in 3rd period. I prefer the latter.

Stunts: Jump. People will catch you. But don't jump down 8 ft into the orchestra pit in heels. You will fracture your foot and end up getting wheeled through security at SFO.

Songs: Songs matter. Songs. Write songs. And when you get all PoMo* and decide that songs don't matter, write songs about that. You can't deconstruct it without constructing it first. *obnoxious way to say Post-Modern.

Most flattering: Saw first St. Vincent-themed fan tattoo* in San Diego.
*might suggest triple-checking correct lyrics before committing to a tattoo.

Apologies: Know that if I ran past you to get to soundcheck/show/bed and didn't stop to say hello, I still feel incredibly guilty about it.

Judge me: It's funny when women call other women "motherfucker".

Best meal of the year: Late February in Milan. The cheese. Oh, the cheese.

Entourages: Brief stint in Azealia Bank's entourage this summer in Madrid. Still not sure if she knows who I am.

Claim to fame: Tina Fey and I might have, at one time, shared the same internet stalker.

Thank you for everything this year, you guys.