St. Vincent's anticipated new album, which is almost definitely titled Daddy's Home, is expected May 14 via Loma Vista, and its lead single "Pay Your Way In Pain" is coming this week. Annie Clark herself still hasn't officially announced all of this, but she did just post a new minute-long teaser video, in which she runs through an old, broken-down building, picks up an old, ringing rotary phone, and is greeted by a voice saying "Hello, Annie." Then the video displays the words "Daddy's Home" on screen and directs you to call the hotline 1-833-77-DADDY. When you do, that same voice says:

She’s back, in a new role like you’ve never seen here before. Featuring the new single, "Pay Your Way In Pain." Nobody expected it, nobody believed it and nobody could stop it. Daddy's home.

BBC Radio 6 also revealed that they'll premiere the new single this Thursday (3/4), and the official release is expected to be Friday (3/5).

UPDATE: The song and its video will officially premiere Thursday at 8 AM ET:

Stay tuned to find out more. Meanwhile, watch the new video below.

St. Vincent also spoke about the new album, which was produced by Jack Antonoff, in a recent interview. "I would say it’s the sound of being down and out Downtown in New York, 1973," she said. You can read more here.