photos by Chad Wadsworth, Chris Miller, Jose Negrete, Lance Skundrich, Nate Watters, Oliver Walker, Ryan Muir

Photos from inside the campground can be viewed in the above gallery.

Friday HERE. Saturday HERE.

More pictures from the third and final day of Stagecoach 2016 are below, including some of our 13 Artists to Check Out like Amanda Shires who suffered some technical difficulties:

It got quiet at the Stagecoach Country Music Festival Sunday...too quiet.

The power went out Sunday afternoon, toward the end of Amanda Shires' Palomino Stage set and right in the middle of 11-year-old Emi Sunshine’s set at the Mustang Stage.

Shires was interrupted mid-set with a loud “pop” and a flash from the stage lights before it went dark and quiet. With time for just two or three more songs, the power outage forced Shires to end her set. [SBSUN]

Pictures of her set pre-power outage and many more, below...


Amanda Shires

William Elliott Whitmore

The Marshall Tucker Band

and some more from Saturday: